Production Update - February - Originally Posted Feb 14, 2023

It’s February and we are working hard to get as much done as possible while we await new parts. In our last update we explained a problem discovered during quality control that has caused us to delay shipment of the PL1. We are confident that the new parts will will make for a more durable and reliable product. We don’t expect these parts to arrive for another 2-3 weeks.

Freshly cut pulleys waiting patiently for more parts to arrive

Because of the significant delay we have been forced to reevaluate our timeline. Based on our production prior to this set back we expect to start shipping the first completed and tested units early in March, and continuing to build and ship units over a period of 6-7 weeks. This is based on a more sustainable and realistic estimated production schedule of 20 units built and shipped per week, once the new parts have arrived.

In the meantime we have been preparing sub assemblies, manufacturing parts in-house, and taking this extra time to add to and improve our user manual.

We are also seeking partnerships to improve our access to resources and capital. Currently we are a very small operation. Each PL1 is assembled and tested by hand in Richmond, BC. We would greatly benefit from a larger workspace and more employees in order to scale production, but our financial situation does not allow for it. With an eye on producing more PL1’s for next season and continuing to provide support, products and replacement parts for our backers, we are inviting any interested parties to discuss investment opportunities, retail opportunities, or other partnerships.

We appreciate the patience and support of everyone who has reached out during this process. We’re truly sorry for anyone who made plans based on our previous estimates and didn’t get their PL1 in time. We’re looking forward to seeing all our backers enjoying their PL1 in the backcountry this spring.

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