Production Update - March - Originally Posted Mar 27, 2023

Our first batch of ten units have been shipped to their respective backers. We’re making progress building and testing the next batch of PL1s while we’re dealing with shipping the 22 finished ones, so backers who were later in placing their orders can expect to wait longer for their PL1 to ship.

We’ve saved packing foam from our parts suppliers. As much as possible of which, we’re reusing to protect our backers’ packages and be less wasteful.

For those of you who ordered an extra battery, your shipments will be somewhat delayed relative to those who did not. The spare batteries are considered hazardous goods and make shipping them slightly more complicated. Our overseas backers should also expect some delays due to the complications of shipping by air.

When your PL1 arrives, you may notice that some of the detachable handles have cosmetic imperfections. The black anodizing on the handles scratches a bit more easily than would be optimal. Please bear in mind that this will have no impact on the performance of the product, and our decision not to replace them is based on that.

Instead of printing a physical user manual with each device, we saved on paper and provided a url and QR code to the PDF, which you can also access here. We worked hard on making it as clear and discernible as possible, and included plenty of pictures for reference. You must read this before using the device. If you have any questions regarding the contents of the user manual or otherwise, feel free to reach out to us at

Once again we want to thank all our backers for their support and patience. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the PL1 being used on mountains across the globe. We encourage everyone who receives their order to share their experience with their PL1 by using the hashtag #RideZoa. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable to us moving forward. As a brand new product in a brand new product category, we expect there will be a lot of learning once the first run of PL1s is out in the wild. We’re dedicated to making this the best product possible, and we know that’s only possible with the help of our customers and supporters.

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