Production Update - May - Originally Posted May 22, 2023

Here’s what we’ve been up to since our last update. We spent April building and shipping our latest batch of units. It’s now May long weekend, and to date we have shipped roughly 1/3 of all orders to our backers. We are continuing to build more units and will ship them once each batch has been built and tested. Getting approval for shipping dangerous goods has caused some delays, but we are in the final stages of the approval process. We are nearing completion of our latest batch of 40 units which we expect to ship within 2 weeks from today.

Rob explains how to use the PL1 in an upcoming instructional video

Some of our backers have received their shipments already, and the feedback we’ve received has been very helpful. While most of the feedback has been positive, we’ve learned that some of our users have run into problems with rope being caught in between one of the pulleys and the deflection plate. This may occur when the rope is under tension and the user let’s off on the throttle. When this happens, the rope recoils and will sometimes jam in between the final pulley and the deflection plate. A failure to notice the problem and pull the rope back into place before applying the throttle can potentially damage the tension wheel shoulder screw. This is something that we tried to address in our user manual. The feedback we’ve received has made it clear that we need to draw more attention to the potential issue of rope jams and how to deal with them. In response, we took some time last weekend to get some new footage for a series of instructional videos which we hope to begin sharing in our next update. Our aim is for the videos to cover everything an owner of the PL1 will need to know, from unboxing the product, to using it, to proper care and maintenance.

We ran into a curious split boarder, who asked if he could give the PL1 a try and we obliged.

If you are one of those lucky early backers who have received their PL1 already, we encourage you to share your experiences on social media using the tag: #RideZoa. We love seeing how our products are being used and growing a community of users.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with regards to this update. We are getting nearer to the day when we can confirm that all our backers have received their rewards and our online store is open. In the meantime, thank you for following our progress, and please rest assured that we are doing our best to fulfill all of our orders promptly and carefully.

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