Production Update - November - Originally Posted Nov 16, 2022

It's already November! The ski season is upon us in many parts of the world, including here in British Columbia. We’re currently deep into production mode at Zoa Engineering and we’re getting set to deliver units of the PL1 and accessories to all our backers in December.

We have faced delays because some of our injection moulded parts arrived with imperfections, which are currently being addressed. In particular, there was some warping on the battery cover and some deflection of tooling on the frame.

Some warping on the battery cover

That aint’ where it should be…

All issues with our injection moulded parts are currently being addressed with improvements being made to our moulds

We are keeping busy building sub-assemblies in the meantime to quicken the assembly process as we wait for parts to arrive. For those of you who ordered our snow pickets, they are currently being etched.

Before we ship we need to confirm the addresses of all our backers, who can expect a survey from us soon.

We also need to announce an end to pre-sales. In the works is a brand new online store to accommodate future sales of the PL1 and accessories.

Thanks to all our backers for your patience in waiting for this update! We had a busy month in October with a lot of parts coming in. We spent a couple of days in beautiful Kimberley, BC, to talk at the KORE E-Rec Tech Summit. Shout out to all the organizers and presenters for an enlightening and energizing event!

All the best,

Zoa Engineering Team

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