Production Update - September 2023 - Originally Posted Sep 29, 2023

In this Update:

  1. All Kickstarter and Indiegogo supporters orders to be shipped by end of next week.

  2. Limited release of PL1’s for sale to supporters only - Fri, Oct 6th 12:00pm PST

  3. Production Update

  4. Big News coming soon

If you’re like us, here in the Northern Hemishpere you’ve been watching the weather and webcams over the past week closely. Many peaks over 6,000 feet throught he Western US, BC and Alberta saw their first snowfalls this past week meaning stoke levels are officially off the chart for the upcoming winter season.

Our stoke-meter here at Zoa is off the charts this week as well as we have some major milestones and announcements today, and some even bigger ones coming in the next couple of weeks.

  1. All Kickstarter and Indiegogo supporters orders to be shipped by end of next week. - A massive thank you to all of our supporters for your belief in our product and company, and for your patience as we worked through the manufacturing process to deliver on our initial orders. We can now officially and proudly say that all Kickstarter and Indiegogo supporters orders will be completed and shipped by the end of next week. This is a major accomplishment that many crowd-fundede projects never get to. Thank you for helping us make this happen. 

To celebrate our achievement:

2. Limited release of PL1’s for sale to supporters only - Friday, October 6th at 12:00pm PST

We will have 5 PL1 Complete packages going up for sale in a special limited sale only to you, our followers. 

The sale will open at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday October 6th. We are only opening the the sale to you, our followers. Please use the Coupon Code  OGSUPPORT when checking out to verify your sale.

There are just 5 complete packages for sale containing

  • 1 PL1 Ascender

  • 1, 1,000 foot rope (550 Paracord)

  • 1 Picket / Anchor

  • 1 Battery Charger

  • 1 Rope Bag w/ Frame

The sale will be going live on our new online store which will be going live the same day at our site

Mark the calendar, we’ve had a huge amount of interest, and just 5 units available in this batch.


Our latest batch of sub assemblies ready for programming

3. Production Update

We have been busy creating user manual content to alleviate any problems new users might encounter when using the PL1 for the first time as part of our series of how-to videos. This will be shared with PL1 owners in the coming weeks.

We have made two small design changes during production since the last update. After a customer noted a failure in the field, we replaced the cast urethane idler pulley with a solid nylon version. With another cast urethane part, the tension wheel, we noticed excessive wear in some cases when testing at high loads. We have replaced that part with a machined POM version. Neither of these issues came up during our own field testing, and may be isolated to a few non-conforming parts, but we are happy to send these replacement parts free of charge upon request.

Top: Previous cast urethane parts, Bottom left: Solid nylon guide pulley, Bottom right: Machined POM tensioner wheel

4. Big News Coming Soon

This update is a couple of weeks behind our normal schedule. We’ve been going full speed getting all units shipped out while preparing for and putting together the key pieces for the next big step. Watch for a big announcement in the coming weeks. Hint.Hint. We’ve got your best Christmas present ever coming soon. Orders for the next batch of PL1’s will be opening very soon.

Thanks for keeping up with our progress!

Let it snow,

Zoa Engineering Team

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