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We Want You!
For Team Zoa

Have you been out using your PL1 this season? If so, we want you…and we want to give you prizes, schwag and discounts!

Don’t own a PL1 yet, but you’re a social media champion and always up for a discount?

I’m curious tell me more:

The super short story is that we want pictures and videos of you, our amazing supportive team of PL1 owners (and new owners!) out in the wild using your PL1.

We’re putting the call out to you, one of the first 160 owners of a PL1, to send us photos and/or videos of you skiing, boarding, touring, riding uphill and having fun in the mountains with your PL1. We’re creating Team ZOA! Whether you're a pro, not so pro, or just a regular skier and boarder out having fun with your PL1 we want to show the rest of the world what they’re missing.

The PL1 as you’ll well know is one of those products you have to see to believe so we want to enter you in contests, send you free shirts and stickers and offer you ongoing discounts on PL1 accessories (batteries, ropes, t-shirts and more) in exchange.

I’m interested. How does it work?

If you are already a PL1 owner:

There are two levels of involvement. One for the casual and one for the more committed.

If you don’t yet own a PL1, but want to be a regular content producer in exchange for a discount on your PL1, join the team and get a 10% discount off your PL1.

Level 1 - Every photo/video is a prize draw entry / free stickers.

 Send us one-off pictures and/or videos using the PL1 and for each photo and video we’ll enter you in the draw to be held in the Spring for free hoodies, T-shirts and more. Send us three submissions, and receive ZOA stickers.

That sounds easy, how do I participate?

Simply share your photos and videos with us in a variety of ways

Level 2) Join the ZOA Team

For the regular PL1 users that get out often. Send us one content submission (3 photos or 1 video) twice a month and we’ll put you on the ZOA team. All ZOA team members get a free Zoa t-shirt and stickers. You also get a 20% discount on all ZOA accessories - Extra batteries, ropes, anchors, more t-shirts and more.

That sounds awesome, how do I participate?

Reach out to Andrew at with the email subject TEAM ZOA, and let us know who you are, where you live and ski and how often you get out. From there we’ll run through a simple and quick application process to get you on the team and generating content. It’s your childhood dream come true. You can officially call yourself a sponsored pro skier/board on Team Zoa!

How many people are you accepting?

We’ve got 10 spaces available on Team Zoa. If you’re interested, reach out ASAP to get your free gear, discounts, and prize draw entries and make your sponsored pro skier/boarder dream come true.

Thanks again for being one of our first 160 adopters to buy a PL1. We couldn’t do it without people like you. Thank you!

Let it snow,

The Zoa Team

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