Update 9. Holiday Update - Originally Posted Dec 21, 2021

Let us know what you think of this colour way and if there are any others you’d like to see!

In the last update we were excited to share that we were shipping out our beta prototypes. Unfortunately we ran into an issue while testing our own beta unit shortly after those were sent out. We have already resolved the problem, but we will need to postpone our launch.

As we started working with our new suppliers for the beta units, we failed to fully communicate the material spec for a couple of parts. The parts looked and fit properly, and would appear to function fine for initial bench tests, but were not strong enough to survive continued use.

The solution was simple, but it meant that we needed to retrofit the Beta units, pushing back any test results from that by a few weeks. Beta feedback is important to help us detect and avoid issues with the product before launch, so we’re rescheduling our launch to ensure that we can move forward with confidence.

While waiting for replacement parts to arrive, we were able to fix up our beta unit in house with a temporary solution. This let us get some more light testing in.

When you only bring one PL1

After everything arrived, we installed the new gears in the beta units. At the same time, we made some slight adjustments to the programming and the tensioner assemblies. These were minor changes to optimize battery life and grip respectively. The betas are now back on their way to our testers and we’re looking forward to getting more hours in on this design.

We should be getting lots of turns in over the holidays and we’re hoping you can too! We expect to post another update early in the New Year, until then Happy Holidays everyone!

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