PL1 Weight: 10.5lbs (4.8kg)
Line Weight: 0.071 ounces/foot (6.61 grams/meter)
Minimum Temperature: -40° C (-40° F)
Max Tension: 190 lbf

The PL1 is still in development and specifications may change due
to user feedback, production considerations, and improved test data

A removable handle makes for easy stowing and less risk of damaging yourself or the Zoa PL1 in the case of a crash.

An adjustable throttle allows the user full control over the ride up.

A steel lanyard gives you the option to clip into a harness on long and steep ascents.

Small enough for your daypack and mighty enough to lift skiers and snowboarders to the places they want to go. The Zoa PL1 will change the way you spend your time in the backcountry.

Expected Vertical

Vertical per charge will vary based on slope,
snow, and other conditions. To get the most vertical optimal slopes are
between 10-20°.

  • Robbie Button, P.Eng

    Founder / CEO
    Robbie turned his childhood fascination with machines into a career when he cut his chops as an engineer designing and building lifesaving aerial firefighting equipment. Inspired by his love of backcountry skiing, he decided to pursue his dream of inventing a portable backcountry rope tow.

  • Eric Button

    Co-Founder / Creative Director

    Eric is a creative professional with a wide range of experience working as a visual artist and graphic designer. His creative work, which has been displayed across Metro Vancouver, often draws inspiration from the mountain landscapes he was surrounded by, growing up in British Columbia. As an avid skier, he was eager to help his brother bring the Zoa PL1 to market.

  • Andrew Zwicker

    Co-Founder / Marketing & Sales Director

    Andrew joined Zoa Engineering with a wealth of ski industry and business experience. He’s a serial entrepreneur launching startups from online publishing to bio-energy, a marketing and sales professional, business strategy consultant and briefly held public office. He’s also a free-heeling telemarker, father of two adventurous young boys, a wannabe rockstar and one of the Dad crew in the skatepark.